Self Reliance News Round Up – 2016-07-30

Cantech Letter

The Very Best of Canadian Science and Technology

This new material could mean a huge advance for wearable tech and prosthetics
July 30, 2016, 4:42 pm

Researchers in the Netherlands have come up with a new advance in the science of metamaterials -composite materials with unique properties not found naturally in their parts- one of which is likely to have applications in the fields of prosthetics, robotics and wearable technology among others. Using 3D printing, the team created a set of […]

CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

VCAP Crowdsale Takes Ethereum to the Movies
July 30, 2016, 10:50 am

Press Release: VCAP, a new Ethereum token to raise capital for the first feature film funded by cryptocurrency, was released this week. Produced by Hedley Productions LLC, Listen Carefully is smart, sinister comedy that gleefully takes on big business, the cult of self-improvement, and government paranoia. Thanks to the development team at Obsidian CryptoVault Technologies […]

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The Burning Platform

Michael Bloomberg Calls Trump a ?Dangerous Demagogue?
July 30, 2016, 9:56 am

Guest Post by Martin Armstrong Hillary Clinton & Michael Bloomberg at the Goldman Sachs new building construction Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg had the audacity to deliver a speech at the Democratic Convention saying, ?There are times when I disagree with Hillary Clinton. But let me tell you, whatever our disagreements may be, … Continue reading “Michael Bloomberg Calls Trump a ?Dangerous Demagogue?”

American Preppers Network

National family survival and preparedness organization

Defense Moves Anyone Can Learn
July 30, 2016, 7:30 am

In a dangerous situation, being able to fight back can potentially save your life. These five easy self defense moves are so effective and simple that almost anyone can use them to defeat an attacker even if they are not very strong or fast. Stop a Strike To keep an attacker from hitting you, have […]

Exposing Modern Mugwumps

by the Christian Zionist

Reuters: Hillary Clinton Campaign Has Been Hacked?and Blames Trump
July 30, 2016, 7:18 am

The latest attack follows reports of two other hacks on the Democratic National Committee and the party?s fundraising committee for candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives. Breitbart – July 30, 2016 78 Comments The computer network used by Democratic … Continue reading


Prep Blog Review: 32+ Ultimate Survival Allies
July 30, 2016, 5:07 am

In a real survival situation there?s not much you can use for help. If I were to quiz you about what to have close when disaster strikes, what would you say?

American Thinker

Valerie Jarrett was our First Female President
July 29, 2016, 10:00 pm

Hillary won’t be the first female occupant of the White House to call the shots. 

The Economic Collapse

Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression?

Barack Obama Is On Track To Be The Only President In History To Never Have A Year Of 3% GDP Growth
July 29, 2016, 6:02 pm

We just got another extremely disappointing GDP number.  It was being projected that U.S. GDP would grow by 2.5 percent during the second quarter of 2016, but instead it only grew by just 1.2 percent.  In addition, the Census Bureau announced that GDP growth for the first quarter of 2016 had been revised down from […] is the Leading edge of Knife Discussion.  If you can't find knife information here, it isn't anywhere

Spyderco SuperBlue ManBug With Free Kydex KeyRing Sheath Plus A DragonFly 2
July 29, 2016, 5:40 pm

*Spyderco SuperBlue ManBug Sprint Run With Free Kydex KeyRing Sheath {The Sheath Cost $20.00 & Holds The Knife Very Securely} *** Perfect Specimen ***

Blade is centered & scary sharp, carried in the pocket sheath a few times, cut some paper to test the edge, looks new, has box & all paper…

Wolfe’s Blog

Learning to do things yourself.

What you are about to watch is a nightmare
July 29, 2016, 3:42 pm

From The Archives: 2013 ?What you are about to watch is a nightmare. It is not meant to be prophetic, it need not happen, it’s the fervent and urgent prayer of all men of good will that it shall never happen. But in this place, in this moment, it does happen. This is the Twilight […]

CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Coinbase CEO Admits There Could Be Bugs in Ethereum Hard fork, Celebrates Combined Value of ETH and ETC
July 29, 2016, 3:00 pm

Brian Armstrong, founder and CEO of Coinbase, admitted on Twitter last week there could still be bugs in the Ethereum DAO. This comes after various tweets encouraging the hard fork as a means of updating blockchain systems. ?My hope is to see hard forks as an elegant upgrade/voting mechanism, not something to be feared that […]

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Personal Liberty®

Conservative News and Political Commentary For Your Personal and Financial Freedom

Dallas being used as an excuse to denounce open carry
July 29, 2016, 1:13 pm

The tragic shooting of police officers in Dallas this month has already been used as an excuse for the federal government to begin walking back reforms on the militarization of police. Now statist opportunists are citing the attack as a clear sign that it?s time to put an end to the constitutional right to open carry in America.

The Sovereign Investor

The Sovereign Investor

New Signs of an Economic Recession in 2017
July 29, 2016, 12:30 pm

A recession is coming. While the exact catalyst is hard to pin down, recent data shows that companies are preparing for the worst ? and you should be doing the same.

HomeSteading Freedom

Rekindle Your Roots and Self-Sufficient Skills

Using Wood Ash in Your Vegetable Garden Has It?s Benefits
July 29, 2016, 12:17 pm

The warmth of a fire on a cold day is something I believe everyone enjoys. But what to do with the accumulate wood ashes? A number of Homesteaders are using…

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The Burning Platform

July 29, 2016, 11:28 am One of the world’s most expensive meals ever (accidentally) signed off on. A man who has chosen to remain anonymous for suspected motivations to retain some dignity, accidentally rang up a $1.3 million dollar meal at Inverurie’s Rajpoot Indian Restaurant in Scotland. Before that fat tip, the guy’s meal, which included three entrees … Continue reading “FRIDAY FAIL”


The latest ETF headlines and news you need for informed trading

Sizzling Temps Help Spike Natural Gas Prices
July 29, 2016, 11:23 am

It has been quite a week for natural gas prices, spiking 8% yesterday and positing the biggest daily gains in seven months after new data showed a historically small addition to stockpiles last week, easing fears of a glut. Analysts pointed to higher temperatures in the heavily populated areas of the U.S. causing increased demand […] RSS Feed

Survival blog covering all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and survival, with practical tips for prepping on a budget.

Understanding Kidnappings
July 29, 2016, 7:17 am

Kidnapping Over the past decade kidnapping for ransom and hostage taking have become a booming multi-million-dollar business. These days you do not need to be a high roller to be kidnapped or involved in a hostage situation, it can happen to anyone. If you are an international traveler you need to be especially aware of the threat from kidnapping even if you?re not going to one of the worlds kidnapping hotspots like Haiti, Mexico, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Nigeria, Columbia or the Philippines. The fact you are a foreigner can make you a target especially in poor countries,…

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Homestead Notes

Creating a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, sustenance, and survival

A simple solar solution you can use now
July 29, 2016, 5:48 am

With the improvements in technology today and as the industry moves toward making solar very accessible, a portable solar system may be just what you need to get started.

Primal Survivor

Stay Aware, Stay Prepared, Stay Vigilant

How to Choose a Bug Out Backpack
July 29, 2016, 4:00 am

We talk a lot about what to put in your Bug Out Bag ? but what about the Bug Out backpack itself?  Since this is the bag which is going to be holding all of your gear and hopefully keep everything safe, then you better choose it carefully.  There isn?t one ?best? Bug Out Backpack […]

Ready Nutrition

5 Surprising Benefits to Letting Your Kid Play Video Games
July 29, 2016, 1:51 am

Like everything, moderation may be key when it comes to how much you let your kids play video games. Here are 5 surprising benefits kids can learn from video gaming.

The Prepper's Blueprint

Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

Visit her web site at for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.

This information has been made available by Ready Nutrition

Originally published July 29th, 2016

Ethical Technology

Promoting the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities

Why Did We Stop Going To The Moon?
July 29, 2016, 12:53 am

Over 40 years have passed since the last Apollo mission. So why haven’t we gone back to the moon?

SHTF & Prepping Central

SHTF, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Prepping, Homesteading

How To Create A Work Emergency Bag (WEB) For Urban Survival
July 28, 2016, 7:36 pm

How To Create A Work Emergency Bag (WEB) For Urban Survival Natural and man made disasters can force offices full of workers to evacuate. In big cities a disaster may also affect public transportation. In an emergency, you may be on your own and forced to improvise. Here’s how to create a Work Emergency Bag …

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Doom and Bloom (TM)

Survival Medicine and Preparedness by Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

Prepping With Prescription Dependencies, Guest Post by Cory Thomas
July 28, 2016, 5:46 pm

(Joe Alton, MD aka Dr. Bones says: We support the efforts of aspiring writers in survival medicine, and you’ll occasionally see a guest post on our website. This time, our guest author is Cory Thomas, editor at His article relates to preppers’ options with regards to their meds in a survival setting. Guest posts are the opinions of their authors and not necessarily that of Doom and Bloom.)   When preparing for an emergency, you immediately think to store

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SHTF Blog – a TEOTWAWKI Survival Blog

Are YOU ready?

How To Make A Swedish Torch
July 28, 2016, 5:34 pm

Ever wanted to know how to take one piece of firewood and turn it into a stove/torch?  Wonder no more.  This is an introduction to the Swedish torch.  As with anything there’s a dozen ways you can use this concept; from taking your chainsaw and cutting a pile of notches in a log for a long […]

SHTF Plan ? When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Peter Schiff: Time Is Running Out, ?Crisis Worse Than 2008 Coming?
July 28, 2016, 3:04 pm

Economic expert Peter Schiff speaks on just how dire the financial consequences will be when the great storm hits and batters everyone.

Peak Prosperity – Comments for “Making The Wrong Choices For The Wrong Reasons”

Comments for "Making The Wrong Choices For The Wrong Reasons"

Good Moning beautiful
July 28, 2016, 12:36 pm

double post


Bitcoin news, mining, rates and exchanges

Ethereum’s Two Ethereums Explained
July 28, 2016, 10:07 am

What is ethereum classic? And how does it differ from ethereum? CoinDesk profiles the ongoing split on the blockchain network.

More Than Just Surviving

A Survival and Preparedness Blog

Preppers: Do You Fear Not Having Enough?
July 28, 2016, 9:15 am

Preppers: Do You Fear Not Having Enough?

Restarting my preps leaves me with a distinctive worry – namely, the fear that’s mentioned in the title: of not having enough. No matter how much we stock up, no matter how much we have on hand, how much we learn, or how much we are able to do, there’s always the possibility that it… Read More

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Preppers: Do You Fear Not Having Enough?, written by Elise Xavier, was created exclusively for readers of the survival blog More Than Just Surviving.

The Bitcoin News ? Decentralised Bitcoin and Crypto News

Vancouver Real Estate Tax Hike May Drive More Chinese to Bitcoin
July 28, 2016, 9:02 am

Next week Chinese investors in the Vancouver housing market will face a new 15 percent transfer tax that targets foreign nationals specifically. This particular real estate market has been a favorite way for Chinese investors to get their money out of the country, and as of August 2, it will cost them 15% more. Also

Security Affairs

Read, think, share ? Security is everyone's responsibility platform facilitates cybercrime and its activities
July 28, 2016, 8:06 am

Security experts at DigitalShadow security firm published a detailed analysis that demonstrates platform facilitates cybercrime activities. Security experts from Digital Shadows have conducted a deep analysis of the Russian cybercrime website The site aims to facilitate cyber criminal activities allowing even crooks without specific skills to become dangerous crooks. The barriers to entry in the […]

The Prepper Journal

Prepping, Survival and Common Sense

Cut Through the Dark ? Grid down Light Options
July 28, 2016, 7:35 am

Written by R. Ann Parris on The Prepper Journal.

Light options that can be set up by anyone who owns a screwdriver, no electrical connections needed, that runs off the sun and-or a spare battery, and that provides quality lighting when somebody walks inside its sensor range.

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Preparedness Advice

Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage.

9 Reasons Why Preppers Should Join their Volunteer Fire Department
July 28, 2016, 7:00 am

Preppers Join Volunteer Fire DepartmentIf you are a prepper who lives in a smaller community, you should join your Volunteer Fire Department. This morning I was watching the news on the large wildfire that is currently burning in Southern California. It has already destroyed over 51 square miles and forced over 20,000 people from their homes as of the date of this article.

Now, this seems like a large fire, and it is, but I believe that after TEOTWAWKI, wildfires could be much larger and more frequent. The other day I had a discussion with some other retired wildland firefighters on this subject. We agreed that without any proper fire suppression efforts, a fire that started in the spring, say early June, could burn until October or November.…

American Preppers Network

National family survival and preparedness organization

Vehicles to Bug Out In
July 28, 2016, 6:59 am

You have probably seen hundreds of articles and videos on ‘The Perfect’ bug out vehicle. Well truthfully, there is not one ‘ideal’ bug out vehicle that works for everyone. There are many factors to consider before deciding what is perfect for you and your family. For some the best BOV might be a motorcycle, bicycle […]


Offgrid Survival: 12  Ways To Move Heavy Weights
July 28, 2016, 5:06 am

While we may not know how structures like Stonehenge were built, there are still a number of simple devices that can make life as a prepper much easier.

Modern Survival Blog

Survival Preparedness For Life

Mosquito Control ? How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes
July 28, 2016, 3:00 am

Is the mosquito your ‘state bird’? ? Mosquito control is largely to do with WATER. Mosquitoes lay their eggs on standing water or next to standing water on damp soil. They love dampness and moisture. Why is controlling the water so important? Because the mosquito transitions from larvae to pupa to adult in as little […]

Survivalist Prepper

Where Survivalists And Preppers Prepare To Survive

Self Defense for Preppers With Sara Hathaway
July 28, 2016, 12:41 am

Like this article?

This week on the Survivalistprepper podcast we are happy to welcome back Sara Hathaway, Sara is the author of the books Day after Disaster and Without Land. Some pf you might also know her from her Changing Earth Podcast where she discusses some of the chapters in her books, as well as has an expert […]

Respectful Insolence

"A statement of fact cannot be insolent." The miscellaneous ramblings of a surgeon/scientist on medicine, quackery, science, and pseudoscience (and anything else that interests him).

Now that?s what I?m talking about! A state medical board appears poised to act
July 28, 2016, 12:19 am

Many are the times that I?ve discussed the issue of quack doctors. I?m not just referring to naturopaths, whose abbreviation ND stands to me for ?not a doctor.? In fact, I?m referring to actual, real physicians, doctors with an ?MD? or ?DO? after their names, doctors who have graduated from reputable medical schools, completed residencies…

Prepper Broadcasting |Network

Prepper Radio

Prepper Mistakes!
July 28, 2016, 12:01 am

Prepper Mistakes James Walton “I Am Liberty” On this episode of I AM Liberty I wanted to take some time to talk about the pit falls I have ended up in or the miss steps based on starting as a prepper. You know it’s easy to get all worked up and start making decisions based on … Continue reading Prepper Mistakes!

The Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times.

Notes for Thursday ? July 28, 2016
July 27, 2016, 11:05 pm

28 July 1914 – The 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I –the War that irreparably changed geopolitics. Officially, the war lasted until November 11, 1918, but American troops were still running around shooting Russians until well into 1919. o o o What’s the difference between an American ? Continue reading

Personal Liberty®

Conservative News and Political Commentary For Your Personal and Financial Freedom

Time to think about ?digital gold?
July 27, 2016, 10:01 pm

Since the beginning of 2106, I have been very bullish on gold, and it?s been a pretty good investment. Gold is up 24% according to the gold exchange traded fund SPDR Gold Trust (GLD). Gold will continue to rise in this slow-to-no-growth environment ? but so will something many consider to be digital gold ? bitcoin.

SHTF & Prepping Central

SHTF, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Prepping, Homesteading

15 Common Food Storage Mistakes To Avoid
July 27, 2016, 7:29 pm

15 Common Food Storage Mistakes To Avoid It seems everywhere you look lately, people are talking about food storage. Common food storage for most Americans is about a week’s worth of food. For the prepper though, common food storage means something else entirely. A week’s worth of food is what they tend to have in …

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Survival Sherpa

Helping each other on the climb to self-reliance and preparedness...the Survival Sherpa way...One step at a time.

How to Harvest, Prepare, and Use Yellow Dock Root Medicinally
July 27, 2016, 4:47 pm

by Todd Walker My neighbor hired a gentleman to pour a foundation and do the block work for an addition on their house. DRG and I stepped over to see the progress. A distinguished looking gentleman turned around as I admired his work. We shook hands and he introduced himself. “I’m Albert Floyd,” he said. Sometime you […]

The Daily Signal

Policy News, Conservative Analysis and Opinion

Russia?s Pattern of Influencing Foreign Politics
July 27, 2016, 2:00 pm

KYIV, Ukraine?If the FBI proves Russia is behind Friday?s leak of embarrassing Democratic National Committee emails, the revelation would be consistent with Russia?s pattern of… Read More

Homestead Dreamer

Working toward a more self sufficient life and trying to be prepared for the unknown.

Longest Shelf Life? Whole Foods!
July 27, 2016, 12:37 pm

In a perfect world, food would never go bad. You could just leave it wherever and it would be perfectly fine even six months later. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. For homesteaders and preppers alike, trying to find the food with the longest shelf life is a never ending challenge. In our efforts […]

A Science Enthusiast

Science Enthusiast. Lover of cats.

Science Enthusiast Podcast 010 ? Fiona O?Leary, ?Vaxxed?, and Autism Advocacy
July 27, 2016, 9:00 am

Science Enthusiast Podcast 010 – Fiona O’Leary, ‘Vaxxed’, and Autism Advocacy Subscribe on Stitcher, iTunes, or on the podcast’s homepage. Or download it here! Or even on YouTube. Can’t find us in your podcasting app? Add our feed ( to the provider or fill out the contact form below and we will get it added! […]

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Ethereum Blog

Promoting a free, decentralized and open future

On Inflation, Transaction Fees and Cryptocurrency Monetary Policy
July 27, 2016, 8:00 am

The primary expense that must be paid by a blockchain is that of security. The blockchain must pay miners or validators to economically participate in its consensus protocol, whether proof of work or proof of stake, and this inevitably incurs some cost. There are two ways to pay for this cost: inflation and transaction fees. […] RSS Feed

Survival blog covering all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and survival, with practical tips for prepping on a budget.

July 27, 2016, 7:04 am

Prepper’s Will

We have the will to outlast everything!

What disaster scenarios are you prepping for?
July 27, 2016, 6:46 am

In 2013 there were an estimated 3.7 million preppers in the United States and the number has grown constantly since then. It seems that there are many disaster scenarios people fear and what seemed like an ?odd? trend at first is now becoming a constant reality. Many Americans are readying for the worst and their … Read more…

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Time to Eat the Dogs

On Science, History, and Exploration

Trump?s Rough-Riding Populism
July 27, 2016, 6:29 am

We?ve seen this before. A scion of New York ? one born with a silver spoon in his mouth ? becomes the GOP presidential nominee, prophesying national decline and blaring a populist tune at odds with his own party. Businessmen and politicians are rigging the system! Immigrants are weakening America! An influx of foreigners taking […]

Primal Survivor

Stay Aware, Stay Prepared, Stay Vigilant

The EDC Gear All Survivalists Need to Have
July 27, 2016, 3:59 am

Everyday Carry Gera isn?t just the crap you happen to keep in your pockets or bag all the time.  EDC is a mentality in which you make sure to always have what you need to survive ? whether it be ?first world? problems like a broken shoelace or a true SHTF disaster. There is a […]


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