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Self Reliance News Round Up - 2016-06-25

Self Reliance News - Saturday 25th of June 2016
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Wood Stoves (Part 2) posted by www.wolfeblog.net
A bittersweet #Brexit celebration posted by bkpk.me
Hillary Clinton: Says Mark Zandi, who wrote a report criticizing Donald Trump’s economic proposals, is "one of Sen. John McCain's former economic advisers." posted by www.politifact.com
How to Harvest Clean Drinking Water From a Tree posted by readynutrition.com
Is Self Defense Important to You? posted by www.family-survival-planning.com
Hecklers Who Disrupted Pastor Joel Osteen?s Sermon Cleared of All Wrongdoing in Court posted by www.patheos.com
After the Collapse: 10 Urban Survival Strategies posted by urbansurvivalsite.com
Gear Review: GunVault MiniVault biometric safe GVB 1000 posted by www.guns.com
6 Ways To Clean Yourself When There?s No Water posted by www.prepperdome.com
How to Make Kick-Ass Travel Videos posted by www.nomadicmatt.com
Running the Shorts: BREXIT as ?Hype du jour? posted by urbansurvival.com
Balanced Trade is Best for Family Farmers and Ranchers, NFU Testimony States posted by economyincrisis.org
Doomsday Prepping: What You Need to Know posted by www.survivalsullivan.com
A Day in the Life of?Valleykirk Farms posted by www.realdirtblog.ca
Relevant Information with Future Danger! posted by redbeaconmedia.com
Added marigolds and lettuce greens posted by myadventuresinselfreliance.wordpress.com
Will A Medieval War Hammer Defeat Modern Body Armor? posted by ...

Wood Stoves (Part 2)

From The Archives: 2013 You ever notice that if you lite a candle in a cold room that candle isn't enough to heat up the entire room? I know that sounds kinda obvious, but it is something to remember when buying a wood stove. A single small wood stove with only a 40,000 BTU EPA rating is not going to be enough to heat your entire house in Whitehorse, Yukon. However, it might be enough to heat up your bedroom. (*BTU = British Thermal Units, EPA = Environmental Protection Agency) If the cost of an outdoor based wood furnace is higher then two wood stoves inside the house that can produce the same amount of heat, and the energy required to fuel it is also less, then your better off getting two wood stoves then some fancy new outdoor wood pellet thing advertised in the back a magazine. By the same token, if the figures are reversed, it might be worth while to look into it more. The question is how can you tell what you should do?   Believe it or not, this gets really complex when you take into account what you are really dealing with. There are different types of wood stoves, fire places, and wood fired furnaces out there. In addition, they are made with different materials which effect not only their efficiency, but how they are used as well. For example, having a fireplace in a home located in the desert is a good idea. Not only does it provide ...

Self Reliance News Round Up - 2016-06-18

Self Reliance News - Saturday 18th of June 2016
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3 Problems You Better Solve Before Raising A Mixed Flock posted by www.offthegridnews.com
Review: Quality Dehydrated Foods From Valley Food Storage posted by www.family-survival-planning.com
Predictable Gun Grab, Ebola Bio-Security Failure, and Proof That Preppers Just Might Be the Sanest of Us All posted by www.theorganicprepper.ca
Grid Down Prepping posted by www.theprepperjournal.com
How to Build a Secret Underground Greenhouse posted by modernsurvivalonline.com
Knife Drop: Restarting a Knife Collection posted by morethanjustsurviving.com
What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2016-06-18) posted by modernsurvivalblog.com
Self Reliance News Round Up ? 2016-06-18 posted by www.wolfeblog.net
What did you do to prep this week? posted by www.thesurvivalistblog.net
More blog updates posted by www.wolfeblog.net
Wood Stoves (Part 1) posted by www.wolfeblog.net
Shop Survival Supplies posted by www.family-survival-planning.com
Signal Mirrors in your EDC posted by americanpreppersnetwork.com
Swarm! posted by runamukacres.com
Barack Obama: "We've seen more manufacturing jobs created since I've been president than anytime since the 1990s. That's a fact." posted by www.politifact.com
Looking to trade a New in Tube GEC #15 Stainless Steel Boys Knife in American Elk posted by www.bladeforums.com
Sessions: ?Dictator? Obama flooding rural towns with illegals posted by www.theburningplatform.com
The House Always ...

More blog updates

I am slowly adding in all the old posts, (now as archives on Fridays) and some new features to the blog itself. Here are some highlights of what is coming up/done and future ideas.I am slowly adding in all the old posts, (now as archives on Fridays) and some new features to the blog itself. Here are some highlights of what is coming up/done and future ideas. Onion Directory: The TOR Project Onion directory is up, and semi-self updating. I basically took most of the code I wrote for Dark-spider and altered it here, Now it automatically bans PEDO sites, and kills off several others based on keywords. (IE: illicit drugs etc) DIsqus is used for comments, but disqus code is off in the tor browser by default. So if you want to add your own comments to the review page for a give onion url you have to either use a regular browser or turn java on. Books: I now have a separate section to list and review books, there is going to be a lot of reviews in here since 1) I have over 3,000 books and would like to have a list of them somewhere so why not right here. 2) It's also a good place to list my wish list so that those types of posts to the blog don't distract from the main theme of the blog. Hollow-Men: Hollow men is my end of the world story that I have been working on ... on and ...

Wood Stoves (Part 1)

From The Archives: 2013 I look outside and all I see is snow. I know that for most of you this is not an odd sight to see this time of year, nor does it sound like something that should be an odd thing for a Canadian like myself to suddenly notice. But believe me, it's odd. We are only a couple of weeks till the first day of spring and this is the first real snow we have seen all year here in the greater Vancouver area. Fourteen years ago we had a similar downfall of snow that ended up caving in our roof while we were just getting ready for the spring run as Caravaners, and although this year there is no risk of that, as a prepper I look out and think about the worse case scenario we could find ourselves in. For the last six months we have managed to collect over $500 by simply not turning on the furnace, we have used our alternatives instead as a test for what we might need in our preps, and found that it was actually cheaper to use electric heaters rather then the natural gas furnace. Part of that has to do with only heating the room we were in rather then the whole house, we even went to the extent of putting up a curtain across the living room door frame to keep the heat in the room we were using during the day. I always have loved a ...
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Self Reliance News Round Up - 2016-06-11

Self Reliance News - Saturday 11th of June 2016
Posts this week from ...
An Easy Way To Make Fresh Mozzarella Cheese posted by www.homesteadingfreedom.com
Summer Checklist for a Safe and Happy Home posted by readynutrition.com
Isolated, Away From the City With Code and Debt Freedom posted by www.theburningplatform.com
WHAT DID YOU DO TO PREP THIS WEEK? posted by www.thesurvivalistblog.net
Medford 187RMP, Olamic Wayfarer, Strider SnG, DPx Hest...NIB & Unbeatable Prices! posted by www.bladeforums.com
Bill Nye: Want to Combat Climate Change? Talk about It posted by ieet.org
GOPe Conservative Pundits Should Relocate to Realville posted by www.americanthinker.com
After the Olympics posted by www.wolfeblog.net
5 Secret Places Censored on Google Maps: ?Military Secrets Blacked Out? posted by www.shtfplan.com
Emergency Homeless Shelters and Other Hacks built by Paul Elkins posted by PreparednessAdvice.com
Overcome Your Coffee Addiction With This Healthy Alternative posted by readynutrition.com
A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at the Summer Prepping Intensive Course posted by www.theorganicprepper.ca
Michigan Consumer Sentiment: June Preliminary Better Than Expected posted by etfdailynews.com
Effective Practice For Concealed Carry Self Defense posted by modernsurvivalblog.com
This woman has to move or give up farm animals posted by www.homesteadnotes.com
Would you run 5-year-old gas in your emergency generator? posted by www.thesurvivalistblog.net
Coping: A Solar Professional?s Energy Suggestions posted ...

After the Olympics

From The Archives: 2010-03-10 09:55:08 Well, some how we managed to survive the Vancouver Winter Olympics of 2010, which I was hoping to completely avoid by moving back east before it started, well the move is still coming. When this event was first announced I was part of a research team hired by Chris Shaw to investigate one small aspect of it, namely a little unknown company called Millennium Developments. This was just before I left the left so to speak, and was still involved with that circle of people who were connected with Vancouver Indymedia, and the Green Party. My issues with the Olympics back then were relatively simple, in fact it could be boiled down to just one thing. I didn't want to pay for them. People who try to stop something in one area of politics tend to follow the adage, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. This is something that I have learned is a very bad idea, because you may in fact win on one issue, but you will always loose on at least five more. Out of all the events that took place over the last two weeks, I only paid attention to two. One was the gold win by Maelle Ricker, the other I intentionally avoided till it was over, that being “the” hockey game. (I'm a Soccer Fan) Now that it is over, I was hoping to avoid writing anything about it on my blog at all until I read this ...

Darkspider has moved to Wolfe's Blog

Darkspider Info was a directory of Tor Onion hidden websites and services, and aimed to be the largest collection of such URLs. Original hosted on it's own domain, I moved the data and spider to my blog, and added better filters. The directory now uses ahmia.fi ban list, as well as title and content filters, which are by no means complete, to remove links to porn sites, and other useless links. (filters against know scam sites, carding and other morally-illegal-garbage coming soon.) With the idea that only the most useful links remain. This list can be found by using the menu item "ONION DIRECTORY". My blog does not host this content; the service is simply a directory service connecting Internet users to content hosted inside the Tor network. Please be aware that when you access these sites through a proxy (Tor2Web, Onion Cab, or Onion Direct) you are not anonymous. To obtain anonymity, you are strongly advised to download the Tor Browser Bundle and access this content over Tor. Dan Wolfe has no way of knowing what content is available via these links, and has no control over this automated service. Links are added via users, guests, and external sources. Concerns over copyright infringement, legal issues, and others should be directed to the owners of the sites when that information is available. Technical issues with this site should be direct to Dan Wolfe Tor is free software for enabling online anonymity and resisting censorship. It is designed to ...

Self Reliance News Round Up - 2016-06-04

Self Reliance News - Saturday 4th of June 2016
Posts this week from ...
How To Identify the Best Fire Starter posted by www.shtfpreparedness.com
America?s Biggest Losers: The Right?s Commentariat posted by www.americanthinker.com
What Role Will Technology Play In Doomsday? posted by www.theprepperjournal.com
Collapse Reality: This Is What The Tap Water Looks Like In Venezuela posted by www.shtfplan.com
Get Inexpensive Preps by Going to Yard Sales posted by PreparednessAdvice.com
Survival Saturday: Is Your Family Being Programmed by the American Way of Life? posted by www.theorganicprepper.ca
Prep Blog Review: DIY Water Projects To Try NOW posted by www.survivopedia.com
How to Become a Gray Woman posted by modernsurvivalonline.com
37 Years After Its Release, Monty Python?s Life Of Brian Provokes a Constitutional Case in Germany posted by www.patheos.com
What did you do to prep this week? posted by www.thesurvivalistblog.net
What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2016-06-04) posted by modernsurvivalblog.com
3 Toilet Paper Alternatives That Will Get You Through The Collapse posted by readynutrition.com
Writing the Human Genome posted by futureoflife.org
AIRTIME PRO HACK posted by www.wolfeblog.net
Abandoning Reagan: A Stool With No Legs Cannot Stand posted by www.shtfblog.com
NEW Wilderness Medic Class posted by themedicshack.net
May New Jobs Plummet, But Unemployment at 8+ Year Low posted ...


From The Archives: 2014  (This post describes a hack for Airtime Pro which no-longer is valid since the sourcefabric made some updates.) So Prepper Broadcasting finally got it's airtime pro dashboard for the radio station! Everything works extremely well, and we are fairly pleased with what we have seen so far. One little problem (which gman never actually knew about) was setting up shows to only play once. Within Airtime Pro's smartblocks you can choose to have something added that is "LAST PLAYED"  with "is in the range" of two dates. But you can not choose to "is NOT in the range"... sorta. Airtime sets up it's list of things to do in SQL database style, which gave me an idea. I created a smartblock which searches for media by title (metadate title) which is altered on our other server before it is uploaded via a shell script. Then start by adding another criteria ... I use the "Last Played" as it is normally suppose to be used first, and save.  Setting the date range between the start of this year and the end of it. You end up with something like this ... Which, if left as is, would result in exactly the opposite of what we want. So we force an error on it like this... By trying to use the start date "foobar", the widget chokes and coughes up an error. We then change "is in the range" to "is not" like so and save WITHOUT fixing "foobar" ....

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