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I am slowly adding in all the old posts, (now as archives on Fridays) and some new features to the blog itself. Here are some highlights of what is coming up/done and future ideas.

Onion Directory:

The TOR Project Onion directory is up, and semi-self updating. I basically took most of the code I wrote for Dark-spider and altered it here, Now it automatically bans PEDO sites, and kills off several others based on keywords. (IE: illicit drugs etc) DIsqus is used for comments, but disqus code is off in the tor browser by default. So if you want to add your own comments to the review page for a give onion url you have to either use a regular browser or turn java on.


I now have a separate section to list and review books, there is going to be a lot of reviews in here since 1) I have over 3,000 books and would like to have a list of them somewhere so why not right here. 2) It’s also a good place to list my wish list so that those types of posts to the blog don’t distract from the main theme of the blog.


Hollow men is my end of the world story that I have been working on … on and off … for a number of years. It did have it’s own sub-domain at one point but all that did was to not bring to mind when I worked on the blog, so I neglected it. It needs some updating as well as finishing so it’s being moved here slowly.

Added note on hollow men: The plugin that runs how hollow men displayed needs some tweaks, suggestions welcomed. Since I also want to include here similar groups of posts, and other fiction/non-fiction ‘books’ if it’s more readable the better.

Self-Reliance News:

I’m ditching the domain for SRN and wrote a bot that posts here to my blog a mini newspaper instead once a week. The content from which is connected to my bookmarks. The way it works is like this. I find or am suggested (via twitter folks) to check out a post somewhere on the internet. If I like it, and if it is related to self reliance, I bookmark it. That bookmark is stored in a database on my blog, and a bot I wrote searches that site for an RSS or Atom feed and indexes what it finds there. Once a week, the posts with the most hits to the bookmark, get added by date to the newsletter. Pretty simple actually, but it works. The more bookmarks, (the more posts I like on a site) that a site gets, the more times the bot checks that site as well. Sorta a self ranking system built in which also seems to be working very well.


I love end of the world movies, don’t care what causes the SHTF as long as it’s apocalyptic. Sometimes I like other types of movies as well, B rated black whites, old science fiction classics, hollywood golden age stuff. My movie collection is going fast mainly due to finally cutting the cord on the TV cable bill and using netflix and others online instead. So I’ve add a movie review section here as well, very similar to the book review system mentioned above.

Coming Soon …. Maybe:

Along with prepping, encryption and related issues are also a major interest for me. So I’ve been wondering about privacy-watch and some of the code I had written for that site. I might add a news-post like system here like I did for Self-Reliance-News, but what is really going on in my mind is the back-end of coding I can do on the server that currently hosts this blog, compared to where privacy-watch is currently hosted. I’m thinking of some kind GPG/PGP encyption bot that could bring some interesting results here. I don’t know how much I can mention here in public since I’m currently working on a bid for a contract that a friend on mine and I want, but we’ll see what happens since I have been trying to draw in all my other sites into this blog in one form or another as time goes on.

On that note, several others are on the maybe list, this include nomadic travel, stitiching lovers, not just baking, and a few other sites that have all one way or another been either semi-failures or dead due to neglect that might merge here on “Wolfe’s Blog” mainly because I want to reduce my work flow and time spent on projects scattered about, and also because we are beginning to think of retirement. So I just want one single place on the net I go to work, here namely.

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