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I do use affiliate links to these hosting providers when those options are available to me. This does not effect my view of which provider I am suggesting, but it is an endorsement on my part. The main reason I endorse these providers is for my benefit, since my I prefer my clients to use these over others, it makes my life easier as a webmaster. (it also helps avoid headaches with bad hosting providers too for the clients)

The second thing to note here is that I always suggest using a Linux operating system in the options. As it is always brighter from my experience to use a LAMP then a Window (geeky pun intended).

Finally, if you are planing on running ANYTHING other then a general webpage, and want me as your webmaster (even occasionally), contact me first before you spend a dime. TOR Onion sites, or scripts require certain version of linux when when running on a rented server. Shopping carts are better in Joomla then WordPress, and gaming servers work better interacting with Drupal. I could go on, so just contact me with the ideas you have. If I can’t help you, I can at least point you in the direction of some one who can. (Need 3D media  production check out Thinking Media)

Security Tip:

Register your domains with a separate service from your hosting providers.

For example; register with iDotz and host it on GoDaddy.

This allows you to switch to another hosting provider without having to alter where your DNS is registered. And BTW iDotz accepts Bitcoin.


Hosting Providers:


#1 Godaddy

I have to recommend Godaddy over all others for most of my clients. There are several reasons for this, one of which is price.

If your planning on having more then one website such as a blog for each of your staff, I recommend “Ultimate Web Hosting Linux“.

And here’s a tip …
When you first set up this hosting package, create only one domain, and have it as something you don’t really care about. For example: Set your first registered domain as a set of random Letters and Numbers (, and add a blank index.php page as the only file in the account. Then add your other domains such as and have the hosted domain pointed to a folder in that account called by the same name like “./” and install your wordpress in that folder. Repeat for each of your blogs. You can do the same thing with subdomains as well. like and to matching folders in the account. It makes it much easier to keep organized.

#2 Siteground

I don’t have an affiliate link for Siteground, which should say something about them. Before I moved most of my sites to Godaddy, I used siteground almost exclusively. If your going to run just one site, and want to be able to seemlessly upgrade from a cheaper starting package to the next level I would recommend siteground over the others. Their technical support is pretty good, and customer service never gave me headaches. LINK: (Update: It turns out siteground does have an affiliate program, so I updated the link to add mine.)

#3 Hostgator

Hostgator is the main server provider for over 50 of the websites, on three servers, I am the webmaster of. It is this reason I include it here on the recommendations list because I am familiar with the ins and outs in dealing with their technical support. If you plan on having a full server, and are not using it for Onion related websites or similiar projects, I’d go with Hostgator.


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