Guest Post Guidelines (Both APN and Wolfe’s Blog)

Tom over at APN has made me the current editor, and as a result I am now in charge of guest posts… which means that I am new to the job so those of you who are regular authors at APN please bear with me as I make the adjustments.

Here in is the current guidelines for posting to APN, there are only a few differences to guest posting to my blog, seen below these…

Submitted guest posts have to follow the following guidelines

1.) No conspiracy, political, or religious posts on APN

2.) All articles must relate to prepping, survival, food storage, homesteading, gardening, etc…

3.) Embedded affiliate links are acceptable upon approval. (check the spam score if it’s a link to a site that you are unfamiliar with) Don’t use links with a bad spam score

4.) Website links to Survival and preparedness sites are acceptable in the post attribution in the author bio or linking to the author name in their “written by link” We won’t charge for a simple link in the attribution.

6.) If the article is obvious native advertising content for a business or company then we can negotiate the rates with them. No expiration.

7.) If the article is not an article, but a full page advertisement or promotion, then we’ll charge.

8.) Articles must be accurate and not make false claims

9.) Articles must not be plagiarized or copied from another site. Content must be unique.

As for posts to Wolfe’s Blog, the only changes are as follows:

  1. I generally only post guest posts once a week.
  2. Topics do not have to be 100% prepper related, but they do have to relate to a topic already in the site list.
  3. I do not accept advertisement based posts, period. You can use links within the post. I really don’t care if you use no follow, or not.
  4. Posts have to be yours, you can reuse a post here from your site, but this does damage your SEO and search ranks, personally I don’t care about those, so feel free to reuse your OWN content.
  5. If you want to use the systems in the site for movie reviews and book reviews you have to post a couple of guest posts first before I will give you access.

To contact me directly and request to post a guest post to Wolfe’s Blog, make sure to include in the Subject Line “Guest Post Request Wolfe’s Blog“, for APN have the subject line “Guest Post Request APN“. If you would like to post to either or both “Guest Post Request” will do in a pinch. These subject lines get filtered so that I notice them first when I check email, otherwise your email might get sent to the spam folder, or even just at the bottom of a very long list of daily emails I get. To cut things short, you can submit the article at the same time in the same email as an attachment, I prefer HTML format.

One Last Important note which applies to both sites, and any other future sites which I will include under these rules…

Please, please, include a proper author bio. (read this: How to Write an Author Bio That Doesn’t Suck)


I am not currently accepting any guest posts on my other sites, however watch this page for changes. (Contact Glen @ Prepper Broadcasting for posts there)

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