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Secret Messages And Secure Communications Update

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Important Additions, Updates, and Notes:

Using Cash and Credit Cards:

It is important to mention something here that I should have mentioned at the beginning. Cash is King. Cash is untraceable, and should be used when making purchases of any kind, including those that are for other things like your BOB.

Even when using the internet to make a purchases it is good to use cash to get the means to. For those in British Columbia I strongly recommend the VANCITY VISA gift cards , although any store bought visa or master card gift card will do the same thing such as those bought at 7-11 convenience stores.

NOTE: Money Mart Pre-Paid Master Cards are not safe to protect your identity, or credit! They require that you show government issued ID cards to get them.

Never, never use your real credit card online! Even if you are not concerned with protecting your real name, your credit card is never 100% safe online. Use one of these gift cards instead.

Concerning Cell Phone:

There are three things that identify your cell phone to the service provider. The first set of information are obvious. They have to with what you have provide to the service yourself, such as the billing address, the name of the phone owner, and the physical location of the phone.

The only one you should be concerned with by this point in my posts is the physical location. When you phone is not in use it can be placed in a Faraday Cage , this will effectively block all signals coming from and going to the cell phone. The additional advantage of this is that it will also help to strongly protect the electronic device from EMP pulses in the event that the TEOTWAWKI is caused by an air burst nuclear strike .

The second set of identifiable data with your cell phone are packets of data sent out by the phone itself. One of these is from the SIM card , this is a small plastic chip usually popped out of a larger plastic card to be placed in your pay as you go phone. For FIDO users, it costs about $25 on average, and can easily be tossed out and replaced, or used in another phone. Some pay as you go cell phone providers do not use this system or removable SIM cards, instead they lock the phone so that the phone is question can only be used with their service. A quick search on your local craiglist however , will help you find someone to unlock the phone so that you can switch providers.

The other data sent directly by your cell phone is called a IMEI , this can be used by the provider to kill the phone, or trace it even when the SIM card is changed. You can find the number by looking inside the phones casing, it is usually printed near the battery. The IMEI is connect directly to the cell phone itself, rather then to you the user of it. However, if you keep using the same phone, and change your pen name, and SIM card frequently it could lead to problems. Selling it may also allow the person you are selling it to to remember what you look like, my suggestion is to mail it to a charity in a distance country. It is possible for some models of cell phones to change the IMEI , I would strongly suggest however that unless you do this yourself, to not get someone else to do if you want 100% security. (Further Reading on this can be found here .)

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