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From The Archives: 2014  (This post describes a hack for Airtime Pro which no-longer is valid since the sourcefabric made some updates.)

So Prepper Broadcasting finally got it’s airtime pro dashboard for the radio station! Everything works extremely well, and we are fairly pleased with what we have seen so far. One little problem (which gman never actually knew about) was setting up shows to only play once. Within Airtime Pro’s smartblocks you can choose to have something added that is “LAST PLAYED”  with “is in the range” of two dates. But you can not choose to “is NOT in the range”… sorta. Airtime sets up it’s list of things to do in SQL database style, which gave me an idea. smartblock-example-1 I created a smartblock which searches for media by title (metadate title) which is altered on our other server before it is uploaded via a shell script.


Then start by adding another criteria …


I use the “Last Played” as it is normally suppose to be used first, and save.  Setting the date range between the start of this year and the end of it. You end up with something like this …


Which, if left as is, would result in exactly the opposite of what we want. So we force an error on it like this…


By trying to use the start date “foobar”, the widget chokes and coughes up an error. We then change “is in the range” to “is not” like so and save WITHOUT fixing “foobar” ….



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